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We were hacked!!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Last week our Facebook Business Manager was closed down by Facebook, without warning. That means, the Crib team lost access to over 30 accounts we manage, including Crib's own Facebook page, as well as our Ad account and any active ads we were running.

Cue, a hair-tearing nightmare.

The good news- Facebook shut down the account because one of the personal profiles of our staff was hacked, It was a security measure that meant that none of our clients were at risk. We are also lucky to have an account manager which means we got our account back after just 4 days (we have heard of people losing their accounts for months!)

However, there are a few things we learned that might help anyone else who has to go through this process.

1. Make sure your Business account and ANY staff associated with your account have two-factor authentication switched on

And remove any old staff from the account when they leave (this one should go without saying...)

To do this go to your Business Manager > Business Settings > Security Centre

2. Record your Business ID and any associated Ad Account ID's somewhere (other than in Business Manager.)

Usually, when I am asked for these numbers I jump straight in and get them. But you can't do that when you've been locked out! Save yourself some time trawling through old invoices and messages to support staff and stores these ID's somewhere secure.

3. If you run a lot of ads, invest some time getting to know your Facebook account manager.

They could make all the difference when you find yourself without a human to reach out to.

This stuff is really common sense but in a busy world sometimes admin gets left behind. Take it from us - do it now!

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