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Trending: Fast forward Real Estate walkthroughs

We have been watching this trend on Instagram, mainly posted by agents in the USA with incredible listings in the LA hills but who is to say this trend doesn't work for your 3x2 listing in Dianella or your beach shack in Mandurah?

Its content after all and paired with trending audio, who knows how many people will see it! It's all about REEEAAACH and reels are where that is at.

Now I am going to disclaimer this I am using an iPhone and a gimbal. This one to be exact:

It has a lot of cool features but for the purpose of keeping it simple, we won't go into that, that is a different blog. It is, however a very affordable piece of tech, that if you enjoy tinkering on instagram or filming blogs or any kind of content, will come in very handy.

Back to the walk-throughs, here is an example of what I am talking about:

Before you get started here are my top tips to get the best result, also you will need a bit of reels know how to do this ( this isn't a full step by step beginners guide) :


- Walk through the property first, in the way you plan to for your reel, so you know the path you want to take, including leaving any rooms out that don't present well.

- Turn all lights on if the home is dark.

- Think about pace and steadiness, you will need to walk slower than normal as the footage will be sped up. You don't need a gimbal, you can just use your phone, the gimbal helps with keeping it smooth.

  1. Before you start, select "trending" audio. Here is a blog we created earlier to explain how to do so:

  2. When seleting music, make sure you select something long enough approx 30 secs or more.

  3. Click the + on the top of your instagram and select "Reel"

  4. Click the audio button, go to saved, and select the music you have pre saved.

  5. Click Done

  6. Now you can start your walk-through.

  7. Click on the 1x button ( this is the speed) select either 2x or 3x ( depending on the tempo of your track. 2x for slower tracks and 3 x for faster tracks and bigger homes as you will need to cover more distance)

  8. Select the amount of time you need, I selected 90 as it gave me the most amount of filming time, you film to the track anyway.

  9. When you are in position, click the big white circle and the recording will start, you will hear the audio slowed down, work your pace to this sound.

  10. Do a couple of walk-throughs to get your groove, hey, you might nail it first go!

  11. Once you are happy, add text if you like.

  12. Click next, write a caption (don't forget hashtags!), add the location as the suburb of the property, and share. You can also edit the cover as this will appear on your profile grid.

  13. If you don't want it on your profile grid, you can remove it once posted by clicking the three ... on the post and select Remove from profile grid. This means it will remain as a reel just not a post on your grid. People will still see it when scrolling through their feed.

Extras to grab attention and make people click and watch:

  1. Make sure the first few seconds are good ones

  2. Use intriguing text on the reel

  3. Include Hashtags

  4. You MUST use trending audio

  5. Do these reels regularly to gain more followers.

Here is my video :) Tag us on Insta to show us yours! I used a Spice Girl remix, because why not!

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