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How to add trending music to your reel

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

With the Instagram music sticker, you can easily add music to Instagram reels (and stories for that matter). But how do I do that, we hear you ask?

First thing’s first, mastering the art of reels has a lot to do with practice and being on top of trends - in this case, knowing what's actually trending!

Let’s quickly explain trending music in basic terms.

Trending songs (or audio) in reels refers to audio that's gaining popularity. This means that people are using or saving the particular song or audio.

There are a few reasons why you would want to use trending audio in a reel;

  • Increased chance of your reel being seen

  • Improved engagement: Instagram prioritises reels that use songs or sounds people are enjoying.

To keep on top of trending music, spend some time each morning going through reels and saving audio you like which will be stored for later.

Save and add trending music to your reel

Open up your reels section (if you need a refresher here, head to our Reels for beginners tutorial .

As you scroll through the reels, keep an eye out on the bottom left hand corner - the small upwards arrow means the song in that reel is trending.

If you like it, click on the song's name next to the arrow.

Click save audio

You can repeat this process for every song you hear and like. The app will keep these stored for you to use later on. But don't wait too long! Trending songs come and go quickly.

Adding saved music to your reels.

Once you've loaded your image or video - click on the music sticker in the top bar

In the bottom left hand corner, click music and then done

In the next screen, click saved (This will bring up the list of all of your saved songs)

Find the song you wish to use and click on it.

This will bring up a screen that allows you to choose which part of the song you'd like to use by moving around the circled music bar.

Note - you can use Instagram recommendation and leave the song where it is.

Click done!

...this will automatically add the song to your reel!

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