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Tips for Managing your Social Media through the Pandemic

Updated: May 25, 2020

Maintaining your online presence is so important in times like these. It may be the last thing on your mind but you want to make sure you are the first thing on your customer's minds. Posting consistently and keeping your audience engaged and updated will help you recover after the pandemic.

Social media will be one of the first places people go to gather updated information about your business. This is because it is a very easy platform to connect with your business, it is often up to date with the latest news and will be used widely across the country as more and more people go into lockdown.

Here are some tips to manage your social media during the crises:

  • Change the way you write and the type of content you post. You need to be mindful that this is a stressful time for everyone, some more than others. Now is the time to be sensitive with your words.

  • Don't try profit from the pandemic. You can ask for support and lead people to your online website but you don't want to become associated with profiting from misfortune.

  • Update your audience & keep up the communication. Let them know what is going on. Update your opening hours, let your customers/clients know the best way to contact you, and if your business is still running or is on pause for the time being

  • Don't contribute to the panic & get your facts straight. You don't want to cause online panic and you want to make sure you are posting facts and not fake news.

  • Show some empathy towards the topic and keep in mind that although you may not be at high risk, there are others in the community who are.

  • Post a variety of content and don't just focus on the pandemic. It is important you address the situation but you can still post about your business and what you do, your products, listings etc Some will look towards this content as a distraction and refreshing from all the COVID-19 posts going out

  • Consistency is still key. If you disappear from social media for any amount of time, the platforms will view your content as less valuable and your content will be shown to fewer people when you reappear. As much as possible, maintain your regular posting schedule.

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