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Hashtags - go big or go home

How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?

It’s a question that’s created much debate on social media over the years… and though the goal posts tend to change often, our advice will simplify things;


Ok we’re getting ahead of ourselves, if you’re new to the hashtag world, here’s a little background on what they are and how to use them.

Using hashtags is essentially a way to group together content around a certain topic on social media. Let’s say your posting a photo of a gorgeous kitchen - you add the hashtag #designerkitchen and boom, it goes in the pile with all the other kitchens tagged with that exact hashtag.

How does it benefit your business/product?

Users can search a hashtag (topic) they have interest in and will be presented with all the content that has been hashtagged with that word - so by using a hashtag on your post, you’re extending your reach. Simple really!

While you can use hashtags on any social platform, they are most popular on Instagram and Twitter.

When deciding what your hashtags will be, consider themes such as:

Key social media apps like Later also have cool features like Hashtags Generators that suggest good hashtags for your business.

Check out one of our fav’s below!

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