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The Grocer & The Chef - Client Showcase

How we grew our client's audience from 0 to over 3,000 engaged local followers in 6 months (before they even opened their store)...


The Grocer and The Chef are a brand new grocer providing fresh produce, delicatessen, takeaway meals, a café, and groceries in the suburb of Beaconsfield. This is an area that already has a number of well-established fresh produce providers and grocers so the team contacted us several months out from their opening to work on building their brand and excitement around their presence in the area.

We started managing their social media & advising on monthly content 6 months prior to their opening.

Products & Services

  • Social Media Management

  • Photography (both of the refurbishment of the site & in-store images to use for promotion once open)

  • Portrait Photography

  • Video

Launch Campaign

As the building needed a complete refurbishment, we worked with The Grocer and The Chef team to document their journey, while building hype around the opening within the local community. Once an opening date was confirmed, we consulted with the team on Opening Week activities and promotions and provided feedback from the local community.

  • Prior to opening, we worked with the Grocer and the Chef to produce educational videos to promote the store including “The Best on the Shelf” series where the Grocer, Justin, showed the audience how to select the best fruit and vegetables.

  • We monitored local community pages to temperature test local sentiment to the building & business and pre-emptively answer any questions that were arising.

Ongoing Management

Now open, we continue to consult with the team on the ground, promoting local specials, giveaways and local relationships as well as providing feedback to the team from their social media channels.

  • The Beaconsfield area and surroundings are extremely environmentally aware. Feedback around the opening of the store was positive but many locals were concerned about the amount of plastic being used in-store. This feedback was fed through to the team on the ground and changes were implemented within the store to keep the locals happy.

  • The online audience was requesting a delivery service, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis where many locals were unable to go in-store. This feedback was taken on and a delivery service was implemented.


  • In a saturated market, The Grocer and The Chef have established a position as a much-loved local grocer within 2 months of opening.

  • Their social presence has grown to a combined total audience of over 3,000 engaged locals within 6 months, growing approx. 5% weekly with an engagement rate of 25-50% per week.

A Note from their Account Manager, Ash...

"It has been such a pleasure building The Grocer and The Chef's social media pages from the ground up. I myself am a local to Beaconsfield, so I knew the community would be eagerly awaiting updates and information about the new store. 

During the 4+ months leading up to their opening day, we built community hype and engagement by posting behind the scenes of the store's progress, along with recipes, inspiring quotes and videos of The Grocer, Justin, sharing his knowledge around how to pick the best produce on the shelf.

As a previously well-known landmark, locals were very eager to be kept up to date with the process and progress of what was to come. Through sharing this progress and consistently updating the community, we created a great brand presence, engagement and connection on both social pages, before the doors had even been opened.

By the official launch date, both the Facebook and Instagram pages had grown such a significant organic following, we only needed to allocate a small part of the budget to promote the opening to the wider community through a low-cost Facebook post.

All of this led to many feet walking through to doors by the grand opening weekend!  Since opening the doors, we have turned to the online community to gain feedback about their thoughts on the store, what they love and what needs to be improved on, and implementing this where possible.  I work closely with Justin and Raoul, to create an online presence and community that reflects The Grocer and The Chefs values, whilst carefully meeting their budget requirements."

Check out The Grocer and The Chef here:

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