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Social media for business: is it worth it?

From a business use perspective, people are often on the fence of whether or not using Facebook and Instagram is really worth it. Once you step away from trendy clothing brand stores and other stereotypical businesses that thrive for obvious reasons, is it worth the time, effort and potentially money?

We really believe it is! And here is why.

First of all, until you want to pay for boosting or pay for someone else to do it for you, it's FREE. And how could you say no to free marketing!?Especially at the moment.

It's also about visibility. When someone searches your business, it's hard to miss when your social media pages come up along with your website. The more search results that come up that are yours, the better!

Building trust is another big one. Having active business pages help your business come across as more established and professional. It also gives you a chance to show the real people behind the brand, which humanises your product/service, making it more accessible and more trustworthy. All especially important things when trying to turn content into sales.

Communication is also a massive perk.It's such a quick and easy way to update people. Are you open on a long weekend? What are your usual opening hours? Have you updated your menu? Have you got a new listing? All of this can quickly and easily be known to your clients and customers.

And lastly, it is just generally a really powerful marketing tool if you know how to use it. It's not always as simple as people seeing your product or service and then purchasing it. It's about being present in people’s minds constantly so that when their need comes up, your product/service is the first solution they think of.

It’s also more of long game marketing tactic. One that builds trust and builds relationships that will lead to sales down the track, rather than immediately. After all, are you more likely to purchase something from a brand or business that you’ve never heard of or seen before, or one that’s familiar to you?

Too many people rule social media marketing out quickly because there isn't immediate and obvious results, or because it seems like too much work.But being seen and being accessible is more valuable than you’d think!

If you need some help getting started or upping your game,we offer a range of different services from workshops to full social media management. So hit us up today; we’d love to help!

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