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Real Estate Marketing: Then and Now

Crib Creative is Perth’s largest Real Estate marketing company, servicing over 1500 active agents in 2023. After 15 years in the industry, Crib remains at the forefront of real estate marketing, committed to pushing the boundaries and delivering exceptional customer service.

Over the years there have been so many changes in the way real estate is marketed. From photo style and quality, to new products and consumer expectations, improvement has come in leaps and bounds and Crib has been innovating every step of the way.

The most ubiquitous form of real estate marketing, photography, has grown up the most. There are obvious improvements; today's images are colour balanced and clear, with creative angles that best show the houses’ features; light, shot choice, angles, timings, colours; it’s all come a long way (If you’d like to see a comparison of a house shot 10 years ago and now, see here).

Turnaround is also key. In a fast paced world, agents expect to be able to book their marketing when they want and have it delivered the next day, and Crib have worked hard to ensure they can accommodate the needs of agents and their sellers.

It’s not just photos, either. The floorplan has been Crib's fastest growing department for the past 5 years, and floorplans are now an essential part of most agents' arsenal. While 10 years ago they featured only on premium listings, buyers and owners are now demanding to see a floorplan (and a siteplan) online as part of their property search or sale.

Just like photos, the turnaround on a floorplan is lightning fast - Crib can send a draftee to site one day and have the completed plan in your inbox the next morning.

Similarly, video has evolved. While in the past a property video was the domain of only the prestige listings, in 2023 social media (and Covid) has made video a vital part of any agent's toolbox. While Crib are called in regularly to create a TV commercial worthy video, agents hold all the tech they need in the palm of their hand. These days, off the cuff property tours or market updates are now recorded quickly and easily with a phone.


With the future in mind, Crib Creative is set to introduce a cutting-edge booking and delivery platform in 2024, taking the client experience to new heights.

They’re also keeping a close eye on emerging technology, recently making a significant investment in exploring AI editing of images to see if they could create a better product, with a faster turnaround.

While the tech isn’t quite where it needs to be to replace the tried and true editing process, it was a valuable learning experience and they’ll be keeping a keen eye on this space for all of their products so they can ensure their clients are always receiving the best, most advanced products Crib can give them.

The company also recently launched Studio Crib, with a focus on agent & agency and small business marketing, portraits, event video & photography and business video.

All of this, while continuing to keep a watchful eye on the ever-evolving marketing trends and products from the east coast and the US, ensuring they bring the latest innovations to Perth's real estate agents while also striving to maintain a business people are proud to work with and for.

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