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Real Estate Photography - 10 years on

Hasn't Real Estate photography really grown up?!

As houses go through a cycle of reselling, we see some of the same houses come back around and it is always a bit of a trip to see how far the photography has come.

This was the perfect subject, barely touched throughout the 10 years.

Photos to the left are taken in 2013 and photos to the right are 2023.

We’ve come a long way with how we compose our shots and how we approach angles. They are much more considered and we know how best to show off a room, features, highlights etc.

We are more creative with straight-ons, shot height and using angles to capture more depth and feeling of a room. It’s no longer just stock standard corner shots that simply get as much of the room as possible in, we now take into account how a room will come across in the final image and how it feels in real life vs in the photo.

It’s actually crazy how much the editing of images has changed. The colour balance and consistency is much stronger now. No longer do we have harsh colours, muddy shadows and yucky yellows pouring through in our final images. The lighting and overall feel of the edits now is more inviting.

We now know our twilight timings much better than before. The external light plays a bigger part in how our images are processed for sure, resulting in much better output. We used to shoot much later, which makes the 2013 images so much darker. Our edits still look edited, but they look so much more natural now. We’ve gone towards a much softer feel to our edits instead of bright purple skies and yellow windows. The edits look more balanced and true to life.

I think it's great to see the journey that photography has gone on through these images.

It’s clear we understand everything better now.

Light, shot choice, angles, timings, colours, it’s all come such a long way. We now know how to bring out the best in a property. I think improvements and upgrades in tech and cameras also play a huge part in this. Images are more crisp, the screens we look at them on are better resolution and editing software is so much more powerful.

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