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$hit just got REEL on Instagram!

In response the ever so popular TikTok trend Instagram has now developed their own version of video creating and sharing on their platform called Instagram Reels. This is the first time Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) has released a similar feature to TikTok and it is no surprise why. TikTok’s demographic is changing with an increase in users between the ages of 25-34. This is an older demographic Instagram can tap into and hopefully drive more users to stay on their platform and create content rather than switching to another app.

What features will Instagram Reels include?

Instagram Reels will allow you to create 15-second clips with set music. Just like TikTok you will be able to create fun and engaging videos which you can upload to the new Reels tab on your Instagram profile and share to your stories.

A huge library of audio will be available for your videos as well as handy editing tools that will allow you to adjust your videos speed and add effects.

If your video is super popular you will receive a notification and your Reel will be featured in the explore section. This is a chance to get your brand name out there and show people what you can do!

You will also be able to watch and search other Reels in the Reels Explore Feed which will show you content from popular and trending accounts.

So how is this different from stories and IGTV?

IGTV is more commonly used for series-based content and is great for creating episodes on your Instagram page. Unlike stories, Instagram Reels will be able to be viewed past the 24 hours mark and provide users with more creative opportunities to showcase their personality and brand.

How can I get started?

Want to create your first Reel? Let’s get started!

Open up the Instagram Stories camera. Scroll to the right and will see a new Reels icon.

In the left side of the screen you will see Audio, Speed, Effects, Timer and Align (this is still updating on some accounts so you may be missing a few options).

Click the Audio button and select your music from the library. You can select 15secs from the song to feature in your Reel. Just drag along the bar and listen out for the part of the song you want to feature in your video. The lyrics even pop up to help you choose the best segment for your Reel. Then click done in the top right hand corner.

Now you can adjust the speed of the video. It is automatically set to 1 which is normal speed. You can slow your video down or speed it up depending on the speed you choose.

Once you have selected the speed you can also add cool filters to your Reel. Click the effects tab to the left of the screen and the effects will show up at the bottom of the screen. Have fun and experiment with the options.

Don’t want to create a 15sec long video?

You can now set the timer to a certain length.

In the left of the screen select the timer icon. Then drag the bar to the left to the desired length you want the Reel to run for.

Lastly there is the align icon at the left of the screen. This is a handy tool if you start recording your Reel then stop halfway between to change the scene. The align tool will help you line up your next scene to match the previous one so that the people or objects remain in the same position.

Now you are ready to start recording.

To start recording hold down the big button at the bottom of the screen. A countdown will begin which is a handy tool to prepare you for filming. Once you have finished recording you can click the little arrow at the bottom of the screen to publish.

Before the video goes live you will get the option to add stickers and GIFS to your Reel. Just like Stories you can access these at the top of the screen. Once you are happy click the little arrow at the bottom of the screen again.

Your Reel is now ready! Share to the Reels section and add it to your stories!!! Then watch as you reel in the likes!

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