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Handy design tips for if you’re a "non-designer"

Updated: May 28, 2020

Whether you're creating social media graphics or putting together any type of digital or print marketing, there are things many things you need to consider which you may never have thought about.

Things like font styles, choosing colours and working with white space! Graphic design may seem like a simple task until you actually sit down and try to do it yourself!

If you do find yourself struggling to make your designs look nice or stand out - Here are just a few handy tips to help you through the process of it and to keep in mind to make sure your designs come out looking great!

Tip 1: Limit the number of fonts used

While choosing a font for your headings or body text, make sure you limit the number of fonts to 1 or 2. Any more and your design can start to look unorganised and messy. Easy to read fonts are best for a simple and effective look. The eye thinks that its difficult to examine various fonts, so adhere to a simple assortment of text styles.

Tip 2: Respect the space of different components

Space out letters/content to occupy dead space on the page, adjust content and elements on the page and consolidate words that occupy too much room. Remember to be mindful not to diminish letter dispersing to the point where it can't be read or hard to read/understand.

Tip 3: Choose and use your colours wisely

When choosing your colour palette, it's best to choose a scheme that contains 1-3 primary colours and an additional 1-3 secondary colours that compliment one another. Utilise various tones of a similar shade for consistency. If you are using a thin font - you will require stronger distinction against a coloured background.

Tip 4: Consider your fonts "Feelings"

Fonts can create a certain feeling depending on the look and type.

For example, rounded fonts can come across at more "friendly or approachable" whereas bolder/straight edge fonts can come across as "strong, bold or even more masculine". Scripted fonts generally have a more feminine feel to them and "Serif Fonts generally come across as having more of a "sophisticated feel".

Picked a typeface that suits your brand and your values best and the feel you want to create in your identity.

Tip 5: Keep it Clean

Keep it simple - your design doesn't need to be complicated or overcrowded. Less is more when it comes to design. Ensure each component has a purpose to be in the design and keep the number of text styles, hues, shapes and edges to a minimum.

The main purpose of design is to make the message clear and as easy to read and communicate as possible.

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