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Digital Marketing Trends to look out for in 2020

⏰ Tik Tok will continue to grow ⏰

The app already has 1.5 billion users, and is predicted to continue to grow! The main point of TikTok is to share feel-good videos that are funny and make people laugh. Heaps of memes and songs have become popular because of TikTok, and the trend will only continue!

📽 Time spent watching video will increase 📽

The current average amount of time a person spends watching video content per day is 84 minutes! It's believe that the number will jump to 100 minutes by 2021! That’s over 21 days a year (and increasing) that users are spent watching video across multiple platforms (eg. Instagram feed, Instagram stories, Instagram TV, Tik Tok etc.)

🛍 More ways to buy on social 🛍

With Pinterest and Instagram allowing users to buy products directly through shopping links quickly and easily, it is easier than ever for users to buy products on social media. 78% of people have said they use Facebook to discover and find new products to purchase and 30% say they are ready to shop completely on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

🎙 The rise of the Podcast! 🎙

Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the last few years! The time spent listening to podcasts on a daily or weekly basis will likely continue to trend upward - which means you're likely to see more brands and companies join in on the trend.

🤖 More use of artificial intelligence and chat-bots 🤖

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot programming to interface with current and potential customers will continue to grow as a communication method on social media. 70% of social media users say they would buy a product through a messenger or chatbot window. This lack of hesitation presents a valuable opportunity for social media advertisers who wish to reach customers in a new way!

🍃 An increase in the digital detox 🍃

Ironically, while video and social media apps like TikTok will grow in 2020, social media trends may power a movement for less time spent on specific apps and to do a “digital detox". 29% of users have removed social media apps on their phone because they felt overloaded by it this year alone.

💁‍♀️ Micro influencers will make a difference 💁‍♀️

It’s not just about the online influencers that have millions or even hundreds of thousands of followers anymore! Brands are finding out that micro- and nano-influencers are bringing in a good amount of sales as well. Studies have shown that consumers trust influencers when it comes to product recommendations and reviews, even those that have smaller audiences.

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