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Creating a Brand on Social Media

Branding is a great way to differentiate your Instagram business account and establish a brand identity that your audience will remember. You probably want to get started right away however, don't rush into creating your designs without a plan in place. Take the time to think about your brand carefully before you post anything on social media.

Start by writing the answers to these points:

  • What your values? You will want to implement these in the designs and type of content you post. Your page should reflect what you value as a person and a brand

  • What is your persona? Will this page have a humorous vibe, will it be serious, will it be factual or will it be relaxed? Think about how you speak and write and how your brand persona speaks and write. Answering this question will help you choose a font to suit your page, as well as give you direction when crafting your captions.

  • Choose your brand colours. If you have a logo, your brand colours will match or complement that - If you don't have a logo keep this in mind for your future logo design!

  • How do you want the overall Instagram feed to look? Do some research on the different styles you could use. Check out some accounts below for inspiration!

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