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April - May Social Media Update

Facebook Shop

This new feature has got to be one of the biggest moves Facebook has made in terms of e-commerce. Facebook shop was released in America on May 19th (currently waiting for its release in Australia).

This feature allows businesses to create an online shop on Facebook where they can sell their products or services. It is accessible through all Facebook apps including Instagram!

New Instagram Stickers

The new 'Food Orders' sticker on Instagram allows food businesses to provide a link on their stories to a delivery platform such as Deliveroo, Menulog and Uber Eats where viewers can order food from their business.

The 'Gift Cards' sticker acts in a similar way directing viewers on a story to a platform where they can purchase a gift card for the business.

The ‘Support Small Business’ sticker was introduced to help businesses during COVID-19.

Charging for Access to Messenger Rooms & Facebook Live Events

Messenger Rooms is set up like a conference call and is a simple and easy way to host a virtual event, interview, online social catch up, etc. Anyone can join these messenger rooms even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

Facebook Live is another great way to connect to the community through video giving businesses the ability to host classes, lectures, courses, and more!

These events or messenger room can now charge a fee to get access increasing the capabilities for businesses to survive during lock down due to COVID-19.

Instagram Bulk Delete Comments

Due to bullying and trolling Instagram has introduced a new option to bulk delete comments (up to 25 at a time). This allows users to block/restrict accounts all at once. Instagram is also working on a new feature giving users the ability to pin positive comments at the top of a thread. You will also have the ability to choose who can tag and mention you.

Instagram Guides

Instagram is trialing a new ‘guides’ feature which allows you to curate collections of Instagram posts on your profile. Think of it like Pinterest but for Instagram posts.

Want to save all your home inspo posts in one place? Or favourite quotes? Or fashion inspiration? This might soon be possible!

This feature is currently only available to certain influencers who focus on wellness and lifestyle, however we look forward to when it's rolled out to everyone else. 

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