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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We're a marketing agency and whether we use an App for our own business or not, we need to be across the latest trends.

So, we gave this app review to our youngest Cribbers who we're all over it already.

(...and we actually reckon it could be a really cool tool for real estate agents, so keep reading)

WHAT IS BeReal? A note from Chloe and Laraya (AKA Bobo and Larry).

BeReal is the latest “unfiltered” social app currently taking the social media world by storm.

The concept is simple...

You get 1 notification a day from the platform, prompting you to take your BeReal image. Once you open the app, you have only 2 minutes to capture what you are doing at that EXACT MOMENT.

The app then takes 2 photos simultaneously. One photo is snapped from your selfie camera and the other from your back camera.

So, what’s the point?

The purpose of the platform is to capture people living their everyday lives. The notification can go off at any point during the day. It could be 9am or 10pm. You cannot follow anybody on the app which means “influencers” cannot build avid followings - you have to follow each other to view each other's BeReal's.

Another catch, you are unable to view your friends' posts if you have not posted yourself.

The creators purpose was to move away from a heavily filtered Instagram world in an attempt to create a more authentic social media platform.

What are the features?

NONE... The app has 0 features allowing you to edit or alter your photos. It's a real as it gets.

You may react to your friends' posts with your own “reaction” selfies. You may also post a caption or comment on friends' posts. That's about it.

BeReal has no advertising, subscription or in-app purchases. Whatever you and your friends put on there is all you get and only can see your past memories :) <3

Can you use the content elsewhere?

Anything you take you can easily share as either a post or a story on Instagram. We think this is a pretty groovy way to share to your clients what you're doing, and show you in a more natural and casual way.

So why would a business/professional/agent jump on the BeReal train?

Well, it's a bit of fun... Think about how it could be used to showcase a behind the scenes life of an agent/professional!

You'll be prompted to take the photo each day, so there's another plus - you can't forget! If your an agent, maybe you'll be mid home open, checking your 1000 emails, having a coffee, putting out pointer signs... See where we are going with this? What a cool way to show client's a bit of your day and personality!

AND... Even if your clients aren't on the app, you can save your content and post on your Facebook or Instagram page for a bit of fun. It's all about content, content, content on socials and this is an easy way to get some more under your belt!

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