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5 Reasons to start your own podcast

Want to know why you should start a podcast? Here it is, my top 5 reasons for starting your own podcast

(Along with my top listening recommendations – don’t judge me, your listening preferences are personal y’all!)

(NB- this isn't just a post for real estate agents. This is for any business, big or small!)

1. Among the many touch points we have with our clients & potential clients (hello Facebook, Instagram, websites, blogs, print, the list goes on) this yet ANOTHER way of connecting with your audience or reaching a new audience. Lots of people don't consume long-form content online. They don't have the time or inclination to read your blog posts or articles. They don't like Facebook and Instagram isn't their thing. Podcasting allows you to provide content in another, more passive way. Your audience doesn't have to actively consume your content, they can listen while they're driving/cooking/(insert any random activity here) learn from you and build trust in you and your brand.

- Who would have thought a 3 hour conversation would be one of the most popular podcasts in the world? Joe Rogan regularly shoots the shit with his guests for 3+ hours on topics from American politics to comedy and his podcasts are downloaded by 30 million people worldwide!! Go figure.

2. You do you. In your own way, no restrictions, no holds barred. I love podcasting because it can be a little raw, you don't have to worry about a filter, and we don't have to edit out our mistakes. You might want to do something a little more produced, but either way, it's completely your choice, your format, your way.

- If you're looking for a slightly more produced podcast there are SO many to choose from. Serial, iTunes #1 most popular podcast is a highly edited story told over several episodes. This American Life and RadioLab are similar examples. However I listened to an episode of Reply All last week which was literally just people calling in to speak with the hosts. No editing, no scripting. And it worked!

3. Having your own podcast allows you to show your expertise and authority on certain subjects. Your podcast content can be highly targeted, aimed at a specific niche and people will seek it out. It allows you to build an audience and become the credible, go to source on your chosen topic. Which in turn, allows you to sell. Win-win :)

- I love Recode Decode for this. The host, Kara Swisher is one of the world's most respected Tech journos and has guests like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. She is the authority on all things Silicon Valley and she's my go-to for tech news (if that's your thang).

Our videographer Clint listens to NBA podcasts all day every day. I could think of nothing worse but hey, whatever floats your boat! ;)

4. There is a personal connection to your audience that you don't get as much with other mediums. Because people have CHOSEN to listen to you, you haven't just shown up on your feed. And then they show up again and again. This is an even higher level of trust and confidence.

- Back on the previously mentioned Kara Swisher - she has another podcast called Pivot, which is basically her take on the week in tech business with her co-host. Because I like listening to her, and have built up a level of trust with her through her other podcast, this is now one of my favourite listens of the week.

This medium is in the EARLY stages. Especially in the Perth market. If you move now, you have those early adopter benefits. Ask someone who is just starting to build their Facebook page how hard it is. It's HARD. But people who jumped on the Facebook bandwagon 5-10 years ago are still reaping the rewards. That could be you with podcasting. But you have to start now.

So what's holding you back? If you have been thinking about it, or something resonated above, give us a buzz and we can help you get started. We've even got a studio ready for you ;)

(Also, if you have any ripper listening recommendations, email me

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