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If you’ve been following our business, you may have seen that we recently launched a Projects division. Well, sort of… we’ve worked on some awesome developments across Perth over the years but 2021 has been the year to take things to the next level. We gave the service its own brand, hired someone to look after things, launched a website and made a promise to keep doing what we do so well - provide kick-a$s customer service and creativity!

We’re pretty confident that what we offer is unique to Perth’s projects scene… After all, we’re not your typical marketing agency, we KNOW real estate, and if you’re in the industry you’ll know that it’s a different type of beast - and we mean that in the best possible way!

So, if we’ve still got your attention, cheers - here’s a little more about Projects By Crib.

It’s an end-to-end tailor-made marketing campaign solution for all your project positioning, brand awareness and product marketing needs. From initial brand development, all your graphic design requirements, digital (including social media), photography and videography services and more - our expert team has extensive market knowledge and have been assisting the most influential real estate brands of WA over the past decade.

In a nutshell? You’ve got a project, we’ve got your marketing solution. We’ve worked on countless developments, large and small (we don't discriminate) and most recently are helping bring the unique Trellis Subiaco vision to life - watch this space, and in the meantime, check out their instagram below!

Curious to know how the process works?

Got a project in the pipeline? Need help with an existing? Let’s chat! Dea Lalovic - 0422 702 367

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