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22,673 was our number this year.

That is the number of jobs we delivered to our fabulous clients last financial year, 22-23. For a small team, it's a big number.

Whilst this number is important because it means we have helped so many Perth homeowners move onto the next phase of their lives and businesses market themselves or their brand to the wider community, the numbers that mean the most to us are the numbers below.

55% - Over 50% shareholding in the Real estate market in Perth

101 - 5 star google reviews

99% - Client retention rate

These are the numbers we measure for success.

We wanted to thank all of our Real Estate clients for their support over the last period. It has been a very interesting and challenging time for a lot of people off the back of covid, interest rate hikes and now an all-time low rate of listings on the market, we know how challenging it has been, so your support has meant the world to us, because we too are affected by the market.

The Real Estate industry is our heart and soul, it is our focus and we always want to be leading the way in Perth and beyond.

To the businesses we support through marketing, it's been a pleasure, thankyou. So many happy faces in our studio for portraits and lots of fun jobs for the Studio Crib team.

It is time to reflect and give yourselves some kudos for everything you achieved last financial, but not for too long :) We have work to do!

23-24 is looking bright for Crib.

What are we working on?

We are diving into the tech world, something very different for us and embracing the fast-moving world that is AI. It is early days and there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get there but we are hoping to build software that will change the way we do business and potentially change the way businesses like ours do business!

We are working on staff job satisfaction and what that looks like and how we can be at the forefront of setting our own rules, when it comes to our staff and contractors.

We are working on our products and how we can get them to be the absolute best without compromising the price to the client.

Plus so much more :)

Wishing you an amazing 23-24. It will be whatever you want it to be.

Alana , Jess and the whole Crib Team x

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