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Our 2024 INS and OUT for Real Estate Marketing. 

We follow the US and Eastern States markets closely as well as following general marketing trends for both Real Estate/Interior design and social media. Below we have compiled the Real Estate marketing trends we think will become popular in 2024. 

Out: Over-saturated twilights 

In: Natural-looking muted skies 

This year we are bringing back the natural-looking twilight skies and about bloody time! It is becoming more and more evident that people want a more natural-looking twilight. Over-saturated skies can detract from the property and a lot of the time, don't look great. 

In: Natural light day photo shoots 

Still in: Regular Real Estate photo shoots 

Turn the lights off. This is an interesting one for Perth real estate and one that many people can't wrap their heads around. Yes we can shoot the property with the lights off, but do we actually just use the natural light in the property? No, we use a flash to brighten the space. If you prefer lights off ( days shoots only lol) just let us know! 

It isn't going to work for every property but we can help you be the judge of that. 

Out: Just shooting from the corners of the room, using a wide lens.

In: Front on shots and details that sell the home.

Self-explanatory, a mix of both is a necessity. 

Out: Overcomplicating real estate videos

In: Simple professional video and Lo-fi video for social filmed with a phone.

Source: Google

The trend that we are seeing everywhere is a more pared-back video for real estate, flashy is out and flow is in. We are hearing less agent on camera and seeing more house.


Creating your own social content for Real Estate listing is also in and with phone cameras being so awesome these days, all you need is that and a little bit of an eye for detail. ( As well as a little bit of knowledge on how to edit together a simple video) 

See below some awesome examples we have found: 

Our friends over at Perth is Ok Homes do it very well! Check out their Instagram reels for more inspo.

A couple of tips if you are going to try this:

  • Movement can be slow, no need for fast shots

  • Always shoot vertically.

  • Follow the light. Find spots in the home that have beautiful light if you can.

  • Always post with trending music for extra audience reach

  • Don't be worried if it isn't perfect, that is the point.

Out: Lisings without a floorplan

In: Floorplans! 

Duh. And for houses, a site plan is a must. 

Out: Complicated floorplan designs 

In: Easy to navigate and understand floorplans 

The simpler to navigate the better for online. An overuse of colour, pattern and shapes can confuse the consumer. 

Out: Stiff portraits 

In: Casual portraits 

There is still a space in Real Estate for a professional headshot, there always will be. But don't limit yourself to that. How about showing your more casual self, it could be more relatable to a lot more people. 

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