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Day or Twilight shoot- That is the question!

No, they are not shot the same.

No, not every house suits a twilight shoot.

Sometimes, agents just default to a twilight shoot because they do that for all their listings, but is it always the best photoshoot for the house?

Here is a great example of a house shot during the day and also at twilight. Collectively, we prefer the day shoot but it all comes down to personal preference.



We asked our Head Photographer, Kim her thoughts, because, well, she has alot of experience on the matter!

The main difference between day and twilight shooting is how we approach the shoot, with the light being the biggest factor. Twilights are shot using the ambient light of the room ( meaning the existing light in the house) and externals to create the images. Days are shot using flash to bounce artifical light (internally), keeping the shoot looking bright and airy.
Twilights are more suited to homes that have certain features to showcase that shine at that time of day. Think well styled outdoor areas with feature lighting, sweeping city view shots or gorgeous, wide ranging sunset shots from a hilltop property. Typically twilights work better in properties that have lots of windows with the lighting to compliment it.
Twilight shoots typically don’t do justice to properties with minimal windows, minimal lighting and small or poorly lit outdoor areas.
Days are a great all rounder. If ever you’re unsure, a day shoot is the way to go.
They are bright, welcoming and can really help when a house is a little on the darker side, be that because of its placement or lack of natural light. Beachfront and ocean view homes are great for days, as the sunlight really helps all those blues to pop and they make gardens look really inviting.
Time of day can be a real factor in this, so it’s good to know when the light is at its best to showcase the home and book your shoot accordingly.
Remember, there is always Day to Twilight shoots which give you a bit of everything!
I think if you’re looking for a more styled shoot, then days is almost always the way to go. There is more flexibility with time (as you’re not fighting the fading light), colour is easier to keep consistent and generally those stylized shots work better with daylight lighting. With that said, twilights can have their place for a styled shoot. It’s just gotta be the right home with the right look. Think sleek, modern architecture with feature lighting, floor to ceiling windows etc as an example.
I think this really does come down to the “style” in which you’re looking for. Always best to discuss expectations for your shoot before booking and our bookings team can always help you if you don't know what will look best.
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