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Brochure design tips

Planning a project brochure? From mapping out the content which dictates the number of pages to fill, to deciding on size and paper stock, there are a few elements we consider when creating a brochure or lookbook for our clients.

Here are our top tips if you're planning to get creating...


Think about the story you want your brochure to tell and what key elements are required to tell that story. Of course, quality photos and renders are your non-negotiables but could your buyers benefit from a custom location map? Location copy? A list of amenities? The content options are endless and should be tailored to suit your unique project.


How many pages does the brochure need to be? A brief eight page document with just the good bits outlined, or an evolved look-book that takes the buyer on a more elaborate journey? (Bear in mind, whatever your total number lands at, it needs to be divisible by four for the print run).

What about size and orientation? Portrait or landscape? A4, A5 or A2? How should it fold? How should it be stitched? It pays to do your research prior and have some concepts in mind. Head online for some inspiration.


What look and feel are you going for? Classy, premium or a little edgy? The right paper choice can make all the difference. While buyers will no doubt be impressed by your premium residence, the brochure that accompanies it can really help to cement that high-end feel, particularly when you are selling off the plan.

Step out of the ordinary and avoid standard high-gloss finishes, consider an uncoated stock or a satin coated paper which offers excellent ink to paper contrast - making renders and location images stand out, appearing more defined and brighter.


Inform, but don't give away every detail. Consider omitting certain items like floor plans or key views in order to generate more enquiries and start conversations with potential buyers.


Enable your brochure to last the duration of your sales campaign by avoiding specifics like price information and room dimensions, along with other items that may be subject to change down the line, thereby potentially making your brochure obsolete.

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