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This is the future of video. Behavioural dynamic response marketing.


This is a custom viewer experience that not only increases engagement but can showcase multiple products or services and allow the viewer to choose their own outcome. 


Think of the "choose your own adventure books" we all loved as kids! But in video form. 


An incredible tool for: 

- Developments ( see below) = Showcase different apartment layouts and facilities in one video so people can easily compare what they like. 


- Real Estate = allow buyers to view location and/or the house, interact with them as you go and allow them to click through to the full listing at the end. 


- Business = Think interactive product videos, a recruitment video where you can learn about someone through the choices they make, tutorials, training videos to keep engagement, engaging company profiles where viewers can choose what they want to know about your business. 



The sky is the limit with these, think outside the box or chat to our team about how you can make these work for you. 

Below our favourite dynamic response video to get the mind ticking. What a fun way to showcase your company culture to new employees, choose the sneaker that will work best for you and a choose your own "wild" adverture in your new Toyota.  

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