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Tips for Choosing a Portrait Location

Ready to get some fresh Portraits on location this Spring? Here are our top tips on choosing a location for your portrait shoot.

Shade is your Friend

When we’re photographing in the daytime, shade is your friend. Covered areas outdoors or indoor locations with lots of natural light make great images. Even, natural lighting can be extremely flattering, and covered areas have the added bonus of being suitable for rainy day shoots. Check out some of our favourite images from shady spots.

Look for Variety

Try to choose a location with lots of different options. If you’re outside, look for options facing multiple directions. This will give you the opportunity to get the best shots based on the light and weather at the time of your shoot. Some spots are at their best at different times of the day, so choosing a location with plenty of options means you’re guaranteed to get some fabulous images. The more options in the one location the better!

If you do have a specific spot or background in mind, get in touch and we can recommend the ideal time to book in your shoot.

Consider Textures and Colours

Walls can make excellent options for backgrounds - and come in so many colours and textures. Take a look around your neighbourhood, you’ll be surprised how many options could be hidden on your doorstep! From bold block colours, vibrant murals, to simple natural textures, they can really bring the focus on to you while keeping interest in the image.


Another versatile option for great photos is a natural location - consider your local parks, reserves or beaches. These locations can photograph beautifully and you can also show off some of the lovely spots in your local area. If you’re picking a location that’s exposed to the elements, make sure to get in touch with our team so we can recommend the best times to book in your shoot.

Have a Backup Location

Sometimes the unpredictable -- wind, rain, traffic or crowds can get in the way of your chosen location so it’s always great to have a backup in mind just in case your original spot doesn’t work out. Whether it’s inside a beautiful home or business, or just somewhere quieter or more sheltered it's always helpful to think of this ahead of time.

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