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Creating a reel cover

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

If you are loading your property videos onto Instagram, you will notice that the latest changes mean that all video's will now be shown in portrait mode, as a "reel". (Thanks for constantly moving the goal posts Insta!)

As frustrating as this is, you can easily fix the aesthetic of your grid... how, you ask?

We suggest creating a reel cover for all your video uploads - this can be done easily in CANVA.

In CANVA's search bar, type in 'reel cover'. This will bring up a long list of ready-to-go templates to choose from.

Once you've selected your template, replace all the elements to suit your

An idea:
You can use a photo of the property as the background and the property address as the headline - quick and easy!

If you follow this step for all of your videos, you're reels grid will appear consistent throughout!

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