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Consistency is King

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

In our industry, the phrase "content is king" gets thrown around quite a bit and although I absolutely agree with it, in my opinion there's a more important factor at play - consistency.

Consistency builds trust with your audience and it's this showing up regularly that's key to growing an engaged community of followers. Planning ahead will not only ensure you have the content to post consistently but taking this time to be organised will ensure you have quality content also.

And look, I get it... managing Crib Creatives social content among other jobs, I understand just how easy it is to get off track. That's why I always work ahead and have my content planned out for the month. Having said that, I review everything regularly and remain adaptable as industry and company news pops up. So yes, be organised, but be ready to react to what's happening also.

So how do you get it right? Here's are some things I recommend.

Set clear goals

Before you can work on consistency you need to understand the end game - what does consistency look like to you? While there is no rule to consistency means for you, I'd recommend;

Facebook - 3 - 5 posts per week

Instagram - 3 grid posts + 1-2 video/reels

What about stories?

While some of the content should be planned along with the above, Instagram and Facebook stories are a space where you can post on the go, show some personality and break the rules a little - if you’ve got something to post every day, go for it, but don't force it. These posts can be more informal and reactive to what's happening in your day or the industry.

Dedicate a slot for content each week

Dedicating a day and time for content creation will not only ensure it actually gets done, but getting into the swing of things can really help the ideas begin to flow - you know the saying “get in the zone”?

Diarise a time and stick to it. If you don't get serious about setting aside time for writing content, you'll never get ahead or remain consistent.

Creating a rolling list of topics and keep adding to them. For example, every time a client asks you a question, jot it down and keep it in the bag for a new piece of content for you next content planning session.

Use the tools available

Streamlining the posting process by using a scheduling tool like Later is worth mentioning. Facebook's own Meta Business Suite is a great option too, though you’ll find Later is a little more user friendly on mobile.

Happy Creating!

Dea x

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