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Stuck inside and ready to get social?

From our Creative Director, Addy...

Stuck inside and ready to get your social media pumping but stuck for ideas? Here are a few types of content that we know work! So what are you waiting for?


It’s no secret or trend - video has taken over the internet! Video is a great way for people to get to know you and what you do, in a short amount of time. Educational videos are always a winner because they add value, position you as an expert and build trust with your audience.

Try to keep them short and punchy (no-one wants a snooze fest) or if you do film something longer form, chop it up into smaller snippets.

And don't forget you don't always need a professional camera or videographer! You can do it yourself using your own phone - sometimes a less polished video builds even more trust.


Think of social media as your FAQ section. It's easy to update with the most recent, relevant questions & if you are constantly providing value to your audience, you will be their obvious choice when it comes time to buy.

This makes great content and can also help boost your SEO (see what we're doing here...)

Next time a customer asks a question, write it down. There you go, you've got a piece of content ready to go!


Instagram Stories are probably my favourite thing to watch on social media and small businesses should be using these every day! They allow you to humanise your brand and give people a sneak peak behind the scenes of what makes your company tick. You can post:

  • Behind the Scenes Content - Tutorials, behind the scenes interviews, and daily happenings in the office are the kinds of things you can post.

  • Polls - There are so many cool stickers that are good for engagement - from polls to quizzes and question boxes. Great, easy market research ;)

  • Questions - Get your audience to ask a question, and then share your responses to each one. You can also turn this into a Q&A Instagram highlight section.

  • GIFs - The possibilities are endless here - there is a GIF for every mood! Have fun with it!

  • Promos - Announce new products or promos through Stories.

  • Funny Stuff - All people love funny things.


Most people give a little piece of advice or just a single line caption with their photo. If you can tell a story or add a LOT of value in a long-form caption, that is creatively written to keep your audience reading, you will see much higher engagement levels. You might also see saves and shares on Instagram which are super valuable when it comes to the algorithm ;)

This gives your audience real value without having to do anything else (like finding a link in your bio) Instagram wants its users to stay on Instagram, and since you aren’t pointing people away from Instagram it will prioritise your post.

The easiest way to do this is by recycling your existing blog articles (or transcribing your videos) into long captions. Then just break it up and make it conversational so it’s easy to read.


Creating new content is important - but it’s also time-consuming.

One of the best ways to keep it fresh without giving yourself a full-time content marketing job is to repurpose your existing content into other mediums.

For example…

  • Shoot and upload a video or record a podcast

  • Transcribe the video/podcast into a blog.

  • Create 3 x Instagram quotes from the video/podcast/blog.

  • Create 3 x 30 - 60 second snippets of the video.

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