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Aerial photos - a different perspective

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

We're going to argue that photography is one of, if not the, most important parts of a solid property marketing campaign. And aerial shoots? Well, they are creeping up on the list too, and we're here for it!

The benefits of aerial photography make up a long list, but most basically, this type of shoot offers a far broader perspective of the neighborhood and the property - giving potential buyers key amenities on what the community is like on a larger scale. For many buyers, the area is just as important as the home itself and aerial photography is able to complete the picture.

Whether the property is near the beach, a popular hub or a slice of heaven in the beautiful Perth hills, aerial photographs can allow a buyer to see a home from a different point of view and a far more impressive one at that!

Keep in mind, your properties buyer may very well be over east or overseas and unfamiliar with the surrounds - so don't assume they know what the area or land is like.

Large properties can be difficult to cover from the ground, particularly if the property is on large land or a rural patch, so aerial photos will play an important role in making sure all the key selling points are covered visually (particularly with a pint point map like the below).

We LOVE taking aerial photos - from our amazing coastline and glistening river, to our urban hubs and picturesque hills. We have some of the most incredible landscapes and arguably the best sunsets in the world, so to not capture these from the sky is a disservice to the home and the lifestyle they afford...

Fun fact - Our aerial shoots come with 4 overlay option. Here are some examples to inspire you!

PLUS - Check out our aerial only location videos! A stunning addition to any premium property campaign!

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