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Areas: Southern Suburbs & Hills

Services: Photography

What do you love taking photos of apart from Real Estate? 

When I’m not shooting Real Estate, my dog, Koa, gets all the photography attention at home. Every pet is special to us, and it is always nice to capture a great photo of them. Although, I’m sure she is probably over photos by now!

What is your favorite Perth suburb and why? 

Growing up in the Perth hills, I would have to put it on the top of my list. The views, the nature, the hidden places that you randomly come across, it is all a big adventure up there!

What is your favorite type of property to shoot? 

I love shooting properties that have a lot of character and are unique in their own way. These houses tell a story solely through their appearance and I find that so cool!

What is the weirdest thing you have encountered onsite?

Fortunately, I have been quite lucky with houses and have not run into too many weird things on site. I am looking forward to the day where I’ll have a story about it though!

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