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Areas: Fremantle & Southern Suburbs

Services: Photography 


What do you love taking photos of apart from Real Estate? 

I have been in love with taking Astro-landscape images for a number of years and am lucky enough to teach this wonderful form of photography in workshops. I originally got into this from my passion for landscapes and long exposures - Shooting at night, with a stunning star filled sky, is not only an adventure but also a challenge I enjoy. 

Aside from that I also enjoy architecture and shooting commercial spaces too.

What is your favourite Perth suburb and why?
Fremantle has been home for 11 years now and I still can’t get enough of this wonderful and crazy town. But saying that, I also really enjoy shooting in other coastal suburbs. The WA coast is as beautiful as ever.

What is your favourite type of property to shoot?
I enjoy shooting a variation of differently designed and styled homes. Somewhere that has beautiful light in both natural and artificial forms - whether it’s modern, sleek and stylish or an older character home full of warmth, I’m happy to take on any challenge. 

What is the weirdest thing you have encountered onsite?

To be honest, I live in Freo so nothing really shocks me anymore…. :) 

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