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Areas: Northern Suburbs

Services: Photography 

What do you love taking photos of apart from Real Estate? 

I’m pretty obsessed with taking Timelapse photographs. They let us see some pretty extraordinary things that we can’t see with the naked eye. I’ve taken some epic cloud formations and night Timelapse’s in many different countries.

What is your favorite Perth suburb and why? 

Mindarie. I live there and have truly fallen in love with the area. Going down to the Marina for a few drinks is incredible, it’s so picturesque that you could be anywhere in the world.

What is your favorite type of property to shoot? 

I honestly don’t have one. I like going to different properties, as they all have their own story to tell, and it helps keep things fresh.

What is the weirdest thing you have encountered onsite?

I get that some people are more worried about Covid than others, but when someone answered the door wearing a hazmat suit, I though I’d accidentally turned up at Chernobyl to shoot a house.

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