Areas: Central CBD & Northern suburbs

Services: QC & Photography 

What do you love taking photos of apart from Real Estate?

Fashion and portraits are a big one for me! I love pushing the concept of how the model seems themselves and creating something beautiful and different to how they normally see themselves… at least I hope aha

What is your favorite Perth suburb and why?

Probably has to be Alkimos! I used to live there for a little while and it was so peaceful. Walking to the supermarket, saying hello to neighbors, so friendly. There is also a small patch of land that gets lit up beautifully around golden hour, it’s my favorite place to drive past.

What is your favorite type of property to shoot?

I love shooting properties that the home owners love. I love hearing the stories they tell and the memories they’ve had in the home.

What is the weirdest thing you have encountered onsite?

Luckily nothing to weird so far, but I do remember one home, that the mother said her son would be naked and then walked into his room to check and came out to confirm he was, she was just a bit too casual and confident to walk in on her son

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