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Areas: Central CBD & North West suburbs

Services: Photography 

What do you love taking photos of apart from Real Estate?

I have been called the Original Instagram Husband of Perth, for the last ten years I’ve been creating content for my wife’s social media which is now her full-time job, it's great to constantly be creating new and diverse content, as well as being lucky enough to travel for work.

What is your favorite Perth suburb and why?

I don’t like to play favourites, but I do love areas with underground power and large trees. It’s a subtle difference that can give an area a nice vibe. Bonus points if there are still old corner delis or small cafes in the area.

What is your favorite type of property to shoot?

I really like shooting 70s era studio apartments, mainly because they are about as small as you get in Perth and very quick to shoot! :D

But I also like to see how people can get creative with the space, it can be like a real-life Ikea display apartment. For that same reason, I really like the old weatherboard houses in the Doubleview/Scarborough area, it's always interesting to see how people renovate and put their unique touch on an otherwise standard layout.

What is the weirdest thing you have encountered onsite?

There have been a few times when the house I’m shooting is, unfortunately, being sold due to a marriage break-up, and the owner has made it VERY clear that her husband left her for a younger woman and insists that I stay for a glass of wine…

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